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Gramlite Entrepreneur Program
व्यवसायी बनो, रोजगार बढाओ

ग्रामलाइट से जुड़िये और अपनी LED असेंबली यूनिट लगाइये
ग्रामलाइट के सर्टिफाइड व्यवसायी बनिए

LED बल्ब बनाइये घर-घर उजाला लाइए

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What is Gramlite and what do we do?

GramliteTM in Hindi means “Village Light”.

GramliteTM believes that a progressive India has to save & conserve energy, in order to be lighted. Gramlite has conceived and developed a model where very Individual can learn and develop skill to make his own LED Lamp by adopting “Khud Banao LED Kits”

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LED Advantages

LED lighting will provide significant energy and lamp replacement savings, long term reliability and enhanced ‘user friendly’ light quality. LED lighting consumes up to 80% less energy and lasts over 50,000 hours (11 ½ years at 12 hours per day, 7 days per week) -to eliminate light bulb (and ballast) replacements and disposal for years to come.

LED Savings

LED is replacing all traditional lighting. Here are some interesting facts…

Lighting uses 20% of the world’s energy.

By 2014, 50% of new lights will be LED

By 2030, almost every light will be LED based.

Mission to provide skill Development, rural Emploment,
Village Enterpreneur & Energy Conservation